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I've been involved in various projects within pre-production and marketing. The following is some of my work.

CatPAWS Marketing & Info

For Helen Sanders CatPAWS, a non-profit dedicated to cat rescue, I created marketing materials to promote events, our adoptable cats, and the educate the public to help promote their protection and welfare.

Though I was involved in social media posts and production - as well as photo editing  - my specialty was in printer-ready media. The following are some examples.

Digital Illustrations

I have worked on a great number of projects which primarily involved digital illustrations and graphics. The following are just some examples of my work.

Words as Image

Word art is the expression of the word in a narrative style. One might call it putting the word for action and varying it in layouts can create visual interest and pull for the audience without the need of placing too many graphics or photos.

Invitations Suites

A common combination of design and illustration are invitation suites. These are a concise example of painting balance, proper design element, while maintaining theme across layouts and readying the finished work for print - taking into account material as well as color consistency.

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